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I've just created a new website for the "Degrees of Separation" Matrix AU RPG that I facilitate. You can find it here:

It contains some background to the game universe and a partial list of the cast, and will soon include excerpts from the many, MANY chat logs we've accumulated over the years.

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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Yesterday I was actually able to get out and get a few things done, thanks to my friend Terri. She picked me up at 4:30 pm and drove me up Corydon Avenue to the Corydon Animal Hospital, where I picked up two bags of Eukanuba food for Mina. Less than half a block away was the Mona Lisa restaurant, which Terri had been wanting to try for over ten years, so that's where we ended up going for dinner.

The verdict: Expensive, but so, SO worth it. I ordered a 16" "Mona Lisa" pizza (pepperoni, tomato, green pepper, mushroom, and onion) and ended up taking home more than half of it for George -- the toppings were laid on with a generous hand. For an appetizer Terri and I ordered a plate of four little bruschetta, which were easily the best bruschetta I've ever tasted. I also had a side Caesar salad, again one of the best of its kind I've ever had. Terri ordered a chicken breast topped with flavorful vegetables, quite pricy, but excellent. For dessert we had coffees and tiramisu, and my resolution to save half of my cake for George quickly fell by the wayside when the first delectable mouthful hit my tongue.

And did I mention that they also "breaded" the table with a wonderful little Italian loaf, sliced, and a plate of olive oil and dark malt vinegar? Mmm mmm MMM.

Amazingly, when I tested my blood sugars four hours after the meal they were only at 16.7. I would have expected to take a much bigger hit given that sugar-rich dessert.

After I got home it was time to run a Degrees of Separation roleplaying chat on AIM. It's been many months since last the group gamed, but everyone fell back into it easily and a good time was had by all -- including me. I must be getting better emotionally, because GMing the session didn't overwhelm me. It was good to get into Neo and Smith's headspace again, and to see old friends -- Trinity, Morpheus, Thyme, and other original characters.

(You can find the group's LJ community here if you're curious what I'm nattering about. WARNING: the game is built around an explicitly homosexual relationship. Not that such a thing would bother most of you, but... well, I'm just saying.)

Terri also delivered a whole case of Coke Classic that she'd picked up in the States for George, who has been really suffering since it's no longer available in the Winnipeg market. Apparently Terri's husband teases her about being George's "Coke supplier" and transporting it across the border for his use. She also brought me a couple of Coca Cola Zero Vanilla drinks; I tried one last night and was really on the fence about it. Perhaps the second can will solidify my opinion.

Today I have an appointment to see my psych doc (and what a tale I'll have to tell him of the past few days of hell). Before that I'll go and get a new social insurance card, since mine has been missing in action for *cough* almost fifteen years now. Yay, procrastination!

Time for a bit of Internet stuff, then a shower, then off to see the wizard get things done. When I get home I'll be helping George out by flatting a page of his current project, and hopefully later today my MM editor will have some more pages for me.

And InsaneJournal is still down. Bugger all this for a lark.

EDITED TO ADD: It appears to be back up. Somewhat.

EDITED TO ADD 2: It's up. Off to post to it before it goes down again.

EDITED TO ADD 3: The IJ server is bouncing up and down like a yo-yo and most of the site commands don't seem to be working, or to be working sporadically. I'm really curious to know what the hell's going on.
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A new character I'm introducing into the [ profile] mtx_deg_sep RP. Picture from

Image hosted by

NAME: Caliban
SPECIES: Sidhe/Agent
AGE: 278 years old
SEX: Male
Read more... )
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Up (again) early by my standards. *yawn* Doing a bit of internet stuff, then switching to Hardy Boys true-color flats until about 5:30 pm, at which point I'll start getting ready to head out to the Take Back The Night march. After I get back, perhaps DegSep gaming with Puck (at least)... it partly depends on what George is doing with the 6500/250, since he's got it set up on the coffee table in the living room and is spending time online getting various software and installers for it, and the machines aren't set up to "master/slave" an internet connection. The upshot is that if he's online, I can't be. Grrrr.

Mind you, by the time I get home he might well be done what he's doing and will have moved the monitor back to the 8600/200 here in the studio, which CAN master/slave. Huzzah!

Another side effect of the monitor being on the 6500: I have new pages ready for the editor on Hardy Boys, and can upload the full-sized TIFFs to their FTP site, but cannot email him with proofs, or even let him know that the pages are done -- his email address is on the 8600, which is currently without a monitor. >.< Double grrrr. Guess George didn't think of that when he left the monitor on the 6500... I might try to move/reconnect it myself, but the monitor is so damned heavy...

ETA: Double huzzah! I moved the monitor and reconnected it all by myself (yes, I'm enough of a hardware wimp that this is a MAJOR accomplishment, lol). Soon there will be proofs off to Jim, and all will be good.
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Thank goodness for:

1) Coffee. Folgers, to be precise.

2) Oscar's Sugar Free Flavored Syrup, in Vanilla and Irish Creme flavors. Mmmm, sweetness.

3) Lovely tealight holders. I have one on the studio altar right now as I work, and the sight of the flame's glow gleaming on the bits of inset colored glass pleases me and gives my eyes a nice rest from Hardy Boys.

4) Having a job that speaks to my talents, even if individual pages in the project drive me nuts. :-P

5) The "Degrees of Separation" RP. *purrs* I want to have more time to devote to it, but even the little bits I can fit in are always so good. And Thyme? Neo says "hi".

6) South Park, which is playing on the studio TV right now. It's the "everybody stops farting and starts spontaneously combusting" episode. Hee! :-D

7) My religion. I'm really looking forward to the Full Moon ritual this coming Saturday.

That's all for now. Just wanted to share something on my LJ that wasn't all depression and despair...
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Okay -- meds and smokies bought. The latter were a bit of a challenge, since Osborne Village (the neighborhood through which the Corydon route bus usually passes on its way to the Safeway) was closed after 6 pm in preparation for tomorrow's Canada Day celebrations, but in the end it all got done. The bus detours, while initially confusing, weren't that horrendous after all.

A load of laundry done too. *cheers faintly*

Some flatting/painting done on the Hardy Boys graphic novel as well. I just did a docket, and it turns out they still owe me 37-odd pages out of an 84-page comic. *boggles, groans, turns pale*

Three DegSep ficlets burning in my brain, and no time or energy to get them out.

*lays head down and sighs*

Thank God my period is between two and seven days away. I suspect that when it comes (which can't be soon enough at this point), my mood will break. At least I hope so, oh yes, I do.
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