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If you’ve appreciated and enjoyed my fan activities in the past, no matter what the fandom, I hope you’ll consider voting for me as the Fan Guest of Honour at Keycon 34 (coming up in May 2017). I’m the second option down, the one with 1.23 million words of fanfic on AO3. :D

I’m anticipating that the international fan communites I’ve worked with in the past couple of decades will step forward to lend a hand. Anybody from anywhere can vote as many times as they like, and voting is open until midnight CST on November 30th. Thanks so much to everyone who participates! :D

Keycon 34 Fan Guest of Honour Voting
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It’s been a bitch of a week. I need something to look forward to. So! Livestream!

5-6 p.m. CST - Cartoons! (ReBoot and Freakazoid)

6-7 p.m. CST - An episode of classic Knight Rider

7-9:30 p.m. CST - Iron Man 1

Please reply to this post if you plan to attend, and I do hope to see some folks there. :)

The Livestream channel link:
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Really: nothing at all. :)

But! It appears that I might be introducing an eight year old girl as a character in one of my fiction universes, so, a question…

When you hear that phrase, “eight year old girl” (North American upper middle class, that is), what traits come to mind? What’s big in that section of the kid world? Are there certain things (cognitively, emotionally, etc) that a child that age would be likely to be or to do? Elements that are likely to be part of their world or worldview? What are kids that age like?

ETA: To clarify, based on a reader question… the story would be set around 2016 or 2017, so definitely modern era (and a bit beyond!).
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Hello all! :) This evening, starting at 5 p.m. CST, I'll be showing a couple of Knight Rider episodes on my Livestream channel: "Soul Survivor" and either "Knightmares" or "Junk Yard Dog". This will be followed by two episodes of The Real Ghostbusters and the classic Disney movie Lilo & Stitch.

If you'd like to join the viewing please reply to this entry. :)
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Hows about this?

6:30 p.m. CST: “The Wire” (Deep Space Nine, THE Garak/Bashir episode)

7:30 p.m. CST: “Chariot of Gold” (Knight Rider, an excellent Michael/KITT/Bonnie episode)

8:30 p.m. CST: “A Christmas Story” (classic holiday movie)

Reply if interested, because if I get no response I won’t be running anything, obviously. :)

My Livestream channel is here.
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Tonight (Sunday December 16th) at 6 p.m. CST I'll be showing an episode of classic Knight Rider ("Chariot of Gold") on my Livestream channel, followed by the movie A Christmas Story... although I might easily be convinced to show another KR ep as well before the main feature. :)

My Livestream channel can be found here.

Please reply to this to let me know if you're interested in joining the viewing.
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Hello all! I come to you with an offer — and a request as well.

Hurricane Sandy has devastated my regular clients, and consequently they gave me no work last month and will be giving me no work this month either. This puts me in a horrific financial bind (Rent! Utilities! Food! AHHHHH!), most of it crunching especially hard in the next couple of weeks, so I’ve elected to offer some special services during the coming month to help make ends meet.

Have you ever wanted me to write a story or create a piece of artwork to your very own specifications? Well, this is your chance! :) From December 7th until January 7th I will be your professional creative monkey, thusly:

Writing, Editing, Art and Tarot Card Readings )

Thank you to all who are willing and able to lend a hand, and for any and all good wishes sent my way! I wouldn’t be doing this unless I was in a genuine state of financial emergency, and (Gods willing) I don’t intend to ever have to do it again.

*bows low* If you can reblog this or otherwise spread the word I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again, and I look forward to working hard to turn your dreams into reality!
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In celebration of my birthday! “Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law”! “Freakazoid”! “ReBoot”! And maybe, if I can get the DVD burned in time, some “Real Ghostbusters”! And then we’ll see if folks want to watch anything else!

7 p.m. CST tonight! I hope to see some folks there. :)
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A recipe I created yesterday on the spur of the moment upon discovering some chicken drumsticks on sale, and which I put in the slow cooker today. It's smelling pretty good so far. :)


1 kg (or more) chicken drumsticks, skin on
2 medium carrots, chopped
7 large mushrooms, sliced
1/2 to 1 medium onion (to taste)
1 large green pepper, chopped
1 large clove garlic
1 28 oz can crushed tomatoes
1 cup water
2 tsp dried italian seasoning (recipe below)
1/4 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp salt

In a 5.5 qt slow cooker, layer veggies (carrots, mushrooms, onions, green pepper) and place chicken drumsticks on top. In a small bowl, mix crushed tomatoes, water, spices and chopped garlic clove. Pour sauce over chicken, cover and cook on low for 8 hours. Serve over noodles or rice.


1/3 cup oregano
1/3 cup basil
1/4 cup thyme
1 Tbsp garlic powder
1 Tbsp rosemary, ground down to 1 tsp
2 tsp onion salt
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“This space is usually reserved for a brief description of a book’s contents. In this case, however, I must admit frankly that I do not know what Miss Stein is talking about. I do not even understand the title.

I admire Miss Stein tremendously, and I like to publish her books, although most of the time I do not know what she is driving at. That, Miss Stein tells me, is because I am dumb.

I note that one of my partners and I are characters in this latest work of Miss Stein’s. Both of us wish we knew what she was saying about us. Both of us hope too that her faithful followers will make more of this book than we were able to!”

(Bennet Cerf’s “Publisher’s Note” on Gertrude Stein’s Geographical History of America or the Relation of Human Nature to the Human Mind in 1936)
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... and a belated Happy Yule to my Pagan friends. :)

(And a big fat lump o' coal in the stocking of the LiveJournal development team, which seems cheerfully determined to screw over its user base at every opportunity. Ho ho hooooolllllld the new features! Please!)
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First up, a big friendly "Hello!" to everyone who's subscribed to my journal (or who's just watching from the shadows) to keep up with my Garak/Bashir fics. I'm feeling a lot of love from the fandom while working with this pairing and it's provided a wonderful warm fuzzy glow; positive feedback, encouragement and concrit have always inspired me to be a prolific writer. :) I'm switching off between a few different stories at the moment and hope to have the first completed third of "When the Farsei Blooms" posted (to my Fan Fiction filter) in the next week or two. (I swear, the bloody thing's going to be longer than War and Peace by the time I'm done with it, or it's done with me, depending on your point of view.)

In other news, I'm hard at work on a joint comic book project with my husband and busily coloring his artwork "eight days a week"; wonderful stuff, but very creatively taxing. It's nice to be able to switch off between visual and written arts to help keep my battery charged.

I've just rediscovered the Ladyhawke soundtrack and am enjoying it immensely. Alan Parsons Project rocks so damned hard, in every dimension and on all frequencies. Now I'm going to have to dig out my old CDs to listen to their other tracks...

Other than that there's not much to report. Catch y'all on the flip side.
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Another public entry, because I understand that now some people are watching for my G/B who may not want to subscribe.

This story can be read as a sequel of sorts to "A Strange Thing", since it mentions Garak's acts of torture and murder in that fic.

Title: The Fall From Shadows
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, but very dark
Word Count: 1660
Summary: Garak watches Bashir sleep and contemplates how his life has been changed forever.
Notes: (1) Set in the "When the Farsei Blooms" universe. "WtFB" is told entirely from the perspective of Julian Bashir. This is a glimpse into Elim Garak's mind on one particular night during their time on the wilderness planet. (2) The term a'latli, as established in "WtFB", is a High Kardasi word which roughly translates into Terran as One who strikes sparks from me, as blade against blade, and whose gaze sheathes itself in my heart. Bashir first read the word in an excerpt from a volume of Cardassian poetry, The Fall From Shadows.

His mind, Obsidian Order trained, automatically estimated the amount of force it would take to break that fragile neck, to crush that slender throat, to put out the light in those dark eyes forever. )
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Thought I'd throw up a public entry with a couple of passages from a very long fic I'm working on in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine universe, just because I'm very pleased with how they turned out.

Title: When the Farsei Blooms (two excerpts)
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Rating/Warnings: R for mentions of sex and torture (not at the same time, thank goodness)
Word Count: ~1900 (the full version, at ~7500 words, is available on the Fan Fiction filter here on my journal)
Summary: Stranded on a remote Cardassian colony, Bashir and Garak must seek out a transmitter which is their only hope of rescue. In the process they enter a new stage in their relationship, one that is not meant to last.
Notes: (1) The term a'latli, as established elsewhere in the story, is a High Kardasi word which roughly translates into Terran as One who strikes sparks from me, as blade against blade, and whose gaze sheathes itself in my heart. (2) What I rather like about this fic is that it's told entirely from Bashir's point of view and, as in the original TV series, it's never really clear when Garak is lying or when he may be telling the truth. I'd advise you to keep that in mind while reading. :)

For those of you who have no idea who Julian Bashir and Elim Garak are, a short but classic scene from the DS9 episode "The Wire":

Let me tell you a story, Doctor... )
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Yesterday I received my first Yule gift of the year: a lovely slow cooker! I've wanted one all my life but just never gotten around to buying one, so now I have a whole new world of cooking ahead of me!

It is, however, a 1.5 quart, and most recipes I've found online don't specify a slow cooker size. Does anyone have any recipes for a smaller slow cooker? Or should I just assume that most online recipes are for 3 quarts and half them?

Any other tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks!
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funny graphs - Robot Roll Call!
see more Funny Graphs
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But oh, so funny...

Only now I can't get that song out of my head!
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Check this out...

You think crossposting stuff to FaceTwit is bad? That's not even the BEGINNING of what LJ is doing.

Basically it looks like a function that allows you to "share" other people's entries not just on FaceTwit, but on a ton of other services, including Digg, Bebo, AIM Share, and Fark.

Thought it couldn't get any worse? So did I.
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I don't usually do this sort of thing, but if there's even the slightest chance it may help...

Sixteen-year-old girl, in the company of two older men, may be in St. Louis or Columbia, MO. Description and photos, with detailed clothing inventory, at the link above. If spotted, please contact [personal profile] bifemmefatale.
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Time again for one of my favourite poems of all time... I intend to read this at my husband's funeral, and I hope that it will be read at mine in turn.

When Earth's Last Picture Is Painted
by Rudyard Kipling

When Earth's last picture is painted
And the tubes are twisted and dried,
When the oldest colours have faded,
And the youngest critic has died,
We shall rest, and, faith, we shall need it! --
Lie down for an aeon or two,
Till the Master of All Good Workmen
Shall put us to work anew.

And those that were good shall be happy;
They shall sit in a golden chair;
They shall splash at a ten-league canvas
With brushes of comets' hair.
They shall find real saints to draw from --
Magdalene, Peter, and Paul;
They shall work for an age at a sitting
And never be tired at all!

And only The Master shall praise us,
And only The Master shall blame;
And no one shall work for money,
And no one shall work for fame,
But each for the joy of the working,
And each, in his separate star,
Shall draw the Thing as he sees It
For the God of Things as They are!


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