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I've been up and working since 10:30 am, which was quite a bit later than I wanted to rise-and-shine, but my body craved sleep so badly when my alarm went of at 8 am that I just lay back down and gave in.

Fortunately HB has been going faster than I anticipated. The pages with the really hard backgrounds are now out of the way, so I can coast on the last few pages of this section. It looks like I'm going to hit my deadline tomorrow after all.

At 4 pm I'll be going out with Terri for coffee. Her husband, Roger, was going to join us, but now he can't for the best of all possible reasons: he got accepted into the AD&D campaign that I normally play every second Sunday, and today is their day to play. (I bowed out because of the HB deadline.) Roger is thrilled; he's been trying to get back into roleplaying for the better part of two years. I'm happy that I'll be seeing him more often and that he'll be playing with us (he's one heck of an RPer), but sad that I won't be there for his first session with our group.

I've been taking pictures with our new digital camera, which so far is much better than the one George lost. Of what? Various things, but mostly... our cats. Of course. I'm thinking of taking part in Project 365, but I'm not sure if I can start six or seven days into the year... does anybody know?

Last night after I went to bed George hooked up the Epson printer that we got with the camera. (We decided to keep it after all since its photocopy and scan functions will really help out around the studio; my friend is instead getting the Canon Pixma IP4000 that used to belong to my mother.) It works like a dream, and will make George's pencils-to-inks process much easier.
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Actually, it's more like the camera of AWESOME!

George just got home with his glasses, the camera... and something else. More about that later.

The glasses look great; they literally take about fifteen years of off George's face. And now he can watch TV without getting a headache, as well as see the numbers on buses, read street signs, and other such things. Hee.

The camera, which as I mentioned in my last entry is a Canon Powershot A560, is flippin' amazing. For an entry-level digital camera, this thing does everything except make coffee. Among the cool features: it allows you to play with the ISO settings and it takes decent movies WITH sound. Among the not-so-cool features: it only has one level of Macro setting for close-up photography, and in order to download photos to a computer you have to turn the camera on, thus eating up battery life. That's what I know so far. George is in the living room pouring over the manual, so I expect regular dispatches from him throughout the evening concerning the exact details of the camera's many functions.

We took three test photos with it before even cracking the manual, which produced two portrait shots with decent skin tones, sharp focus, and crazy levels of detail, and one shot of a magazine on the light table which was also hella crisp. Considering that the camera plus SanDisk card only cost about $180, I'm a very happy camper right now.

As for the "something else", it turned out that Don's Photo has a special on right now where you buy a digital camera and get a printer for free. George and I chose an Epson All-In-One CX7450, which is both a printer and a scanner. It cost us $80... yes, the "free" in this case means "buy it now and get a full rebate in two months", which we can certainly live with. We have a friend whose printer recently died, and were thinking of her when we elected to pick it up.

I am so very, very happy that we have a camera again. I'd missed it terribly.

EDITED TO ADD: It actually has special Snow, Beach, Aquarium, and Fireworks settings. Fireworks! *squeeeeeeeeeee!*
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It's been a busy day already, and it's just past noon. Usually I'm not even finished having coffee and reading the paper by this time.

At 9:30 am I had an appointment at Upstairs for Hair, where my favorite hairdresser Darcy gave me a good shearing. At 10:30 I was at Bread & Circuses having a cranberry-orange-almond scone and a cup of coffee. Then FoodFare for some groceries... then PharmaPlus for some Poise undergarments and no-sugar-added chocolates, both on sale... then the bank, where I deposited the latest MM cheque and got a money order for the storage unit where my mother's stuff is kept... then to Pack & Post to fax a medical note to Ipsos-Reid... then to 7-Eleven to pick up a couple of Canada scarves for my HB editors (they have some lovely ones that don't cost an arm and a leg)... then to Starbucks for a sugar-free Cinnamon Dolce Latte... then, finally, back home, latte in hand.

This afternoon George has to go downtown to get his glasses. He'll also be picking up a Canon Powershot A560, which is on sale at Don's Photo, as are the SD cards necessary to make it fully functional. We should be able to get both for under $200. This is our joint Christmas present to each other, since we've really been feeling the lack of a digital camera since George lost our last one a couple of months ago.

I feel tired, yet strangely energized. Darcy told me this morning that he finds my energy "so calming", which I find a little bit amusing.

Time to knuckle down to work on HB.
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George just got home.

He left his bag, with his long-range eyeglasses AND our digital camera, plus a letter with his Social Insurance Number on it, IN THE CAB he took to his brother's place. He missed taking it out of the cab because he had so many other things to unload and carry.

AND the driver was talking on his fucking cellphone the whole time, from pick-up to drop-off and while George was unloading and as he drove off, so even though George called the cab company literally a couple of minutes after the cab pulled away, it took the dispatcher 27 minutes to get through to the driver by radio. By then he'd picked up and dropped off two more fares, and the bag was LONG gone.

*screams again until some of the OHFUCKINGHELLness drains away*

George is beating himself up like crazy, equally mad at himself, the driver, and whatever passengers might have picked up his lost bag and said "Hey! A camera! Cool!" I agree with him on all three points, but don't see any point in doing anything else but forgiving him for his lapse in attention.

So right now I'm practicing the DBT skill of Radical Acceptance like whoa. It's been about 45 minutes since I heard the news, and I already feel better. I'm trying to keep the following points in mind:

1) Losing this camera has cleared the way for us to get a better camera when our next cheque comes in.

2) George needed new long-range glasses anyway, and now we get to pick out a spiffy pair for him.

3) Wherever the camera has ended up, it might be in the hands of someone who will get REALLY good use out of a digital camera and couldn't have afforded one otherwise. So the end result of all of this might be a net positive.

4) There weren't any irreplaceable photos on the camera.

5) At least our passports weren't in the bag. Oh, lordy, if they HAD been, people in Timbuktu would be hearing my shrieks at this very moment.

... it was a darned fine bag, though. A lot like this one. Well-constructed, good shoulder strap, everything. And I haven't seen one like it for sale for at least four or five years. We got it for $15 eight years ago, and it's been a real trooper.

Ah, well. On the scale of all possible tragedies, this really is relatively minor. Damned annoying, though.

EDITED TO ADD: For local readers who care, the cab company in question (which was singularly unhelpful to us when we tried to track down the bag) is Unicity Taxi.
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We've finally stepped into the digital photography age. *points at icon* Behold, our new digital camera:

Special thanks to Terri for driving me out to St. Vital Centre to pick it up! Now George can get the on-the-spot reference he needs for the comic series he's pencilling. This is a big relief for us both!

Last night I broke the camera in by taking a whole bunch of photos...

Some of them, behind the cut )

As you can all tell, I'm already having LOTS of fun with the new toy. :-)


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