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Over on Yahoo! Answers, there's a particular former Wiccan who has a real hate on for Wiccans in general.

You can see his latest question here, wherein he accuses another (non-Wiccan) poster of lying about an assault on a Wiccan. Even if you agree with him that the original question he refers to is a falsehood, the vitriol he spews and the crazy he displays are highly entertaining.

He's also a hypocrite. See my response (under "prairiecrow") to his antics in the comments to the original question that started the hate train in motion.


EDITED TO ADD: His question has been deleted, but I saved the whole thing as a web archive.

Ranting below the cut )
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Once upon a time, over in the Yahoo! Answers Religion & Spirituality section, there was a user who went by the handle of Debra M, a Catholic lady who always asked and answered questions with grace, honesty, and humor. And she was widely liked, and even loved by some.

A week ago, she died after a long illness. And many people were greatly saddened.

Today some wanker decided to clone her and impersonate her on the R&S board. You know, just for the LULZ.

Great was the outrage, but apparently the wanker has some friends, since those friends went through thumbs-downing every answer that was critical of the wanker's actions.

The appropriateness of standing up for a dead person was questioned, and some people actually got the point of said question.

And then, in response to another question, the probably identity of the wanker was revealed. And when people track him down, yea verily, mighty will be the fallout.

Me, I'm making popcorn. This promises to be entertaining.

(And nope, I can't show you any of the clone's activity. The account was reported on every single post and question under the "illegal" catagory for impersonating another member, albeit a dead one, since Debra M's real account still exists on Yahoo!. The clone ended up getting suspended, but I suspect The Rev. Kip's troubles on Y!A have just begun. You reap what you sow, karma's a bitch, and capering around wearing the ripped-off mask of a recently departed and well-respected board member just isn't done.)

EDITED TO ADD: You can get some idea of what kind of person Debra M was here.
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In response to this question on Yahoo! Answers, which asked "Is it time for christians to stand up for gays?"...

I think a christian summed this up earlier when asked "Is telling gay people they can have civil unions but not marriage, is it similar to saying yes, of course you can ride the bus?"

He answered.

"If you can't handle sitting in the back then you can walk"

... where do people like this COME from?
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Oh, here we go again...

How come atheists don't understand that some people HAVE to force people to believe now a days?

I say HAVE to because it would appear that the power of the first century isn't as noticeable, so the only thing left most preachers problem have is the lake of fire. Because that scares people into believing but that passes and then comes faith.

No one today is Jesus, Jesus didn't force anyone, but in the process He raised the dead and cast out demons and sickness. Of course if we had that today, it would be easy, but those days it appear are gone.

So you must bear with some people, mmkay?



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Just seen over on Yahoo! Answers...

The original question is not a bad one:

Christians who keep insisting this is a christian nation....?

1. where is that nation located on the map?

2. do you really want to take responsibility for this being a christian means that christians slaughtered the indians, stole thier land and then built churches on it...?

personally I wouldnt even whisper it was a christian nation even if I thought it was. you REALLY think God would bless a people who would do such things?

But one of the answers is a real corker:

It used to be a Christian nation, and yes God does bless his people..

The Indians worshiped false gods and God used others to bring them down and conquer them.

God will also bring the US down when they finish changing to other gods or the god of atheism.. Maybe God will send another nation to conquer us too..


I can't believe I actually just read that.
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Do you know what I'm discovering over on Yahoo! Answers?

That Satanists may have their fundies, too.



I don't know how accurate the poster's opinion is, but it's not much fun getting your head bitten off over an honest question. I'm sure I've been guilty of doing it in my time. That doesn't make it suck any less.

And yes, I have heard people describe their path as "theistic Satanism". This makes me dread taking the next step, which is to go onto some actual Satanist message boards and start asking questions.

(Research for Where Darkness Falls, in case anyone was wondering.)
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Oh my Gods, the stupidity, it burns like the sun!

The question:

Just got back from a mission on a reservation in NM & Im wondering why the Indian is so slow to accept Christ?

anybody else have this problem?

Needless to say he's getting his ass handed to him. But still... there are actually people who still think this way?

*headdesk, headdesk, headdesk*
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Seen on Yahoo!Answers, in a couple of different questions that have since been deleted (gee, I wonder why?)...

Atheists are not fit to be parents; they are not fit to be employed in any portion of any society; they are not fit to be any kind of leaders in any society, nor are they fit to serve in any area of public trust. Atheism makes every person who embraces it unfit for any good work.

Atheists are not even fit to live. They have forfeited the right to life by virtue of being unfit.

Isn't that just the loveliest little lump of undigested bile you've seen in a while?

Honestly, when Christians have people like this on their side, they need no enemies.
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The questioner removed the question after getting 53 answers, most of them less than approving. Guess why?

Question, and my answer, behind the cut )

She's only sixteen, so perhaps that accounts for some of her ignorance, but her stupidity will probably be a lifelong condition.
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Yes, it's yet another winner from Yahoo!Answers...

Details behind the cut )

... gee, was I too hard on the little princess?

And lookie here! A shining example of Christian love and benevolence!

Another cut, more details )

What a sicko -- in my opinion, of course.
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Two threads on Yahoo!Answers that are sterling examples of the statement in my icon.

First up:

For the Christians or other religions out there, do you believe that humans evolved from apes?

Because personally I don't come from no monkey, no animal. I think humans evolved from humans. How in the hell did we evolve from apes? I don't care what evidence people came up with saying they found skulls that were apelike because there have to be other animals out there that share some physical traits between each other and they don't have to be related or have to evolve from one another.

Most of the answers would make Baby Jesus weep.

Second up:

Why all of the gays in the religion section ???

Gays SCREAM that they want to be able to live their lives the way they want to but then try to force their lifestyle on people that want nothing to do with them.
Why can't religious people have the RIGHT to live their life without harrassment from queers ?

The answers for this one aren't quite the parade of idiocy that the previous question had to offer, but I think the question itself more than makes up for that.
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Have you ever had the opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with someone right before they died?

Maybe you're a policeman, a fireman, or a health care professional and you witnessed to someone before they died. Maybe you witnessed to a relative or a close friend before they died.

The original question:;_ylt=AlFKfY8ZfoTK6kT1rVmkuVPsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080103185003AAqEcMF&show=7#profile-info-5vqo3XzHaa

... is it just me, or is this utterly disgusting?

This was my response:

My mother, like me, was a Wiccan. She died in June.

If someone -- anyone -- had tried to witness to her as she lay on her deathbed, I would have physically assaulted them. With extreme prejudice, as the assassins say.

EDITED TO ADD: Okay, my IMPULSE would be to assault them... what I probably would have done, once I finished picking my jaw up off the floor, was firmly escort them from my mother's room, tell them not to come back, and then report them to the hospital authorities. I was my mother's Priestess, and it was my responsibility to look after her spiritual needs as she lay dying. Part of that would have been protecting her from evil attempts such as the one you're suggesting.

Keep your bloody religion to yourself, and grow a sense of respect before somebody beats it into you.

I am normally a fairly mild-mannered person, but that level of rudeness just... gah!

EDITED TO ADD: I started a question ABOUT that question, here:;_ylc=X3oDMTE1MmI4N2IyBF9TAzIxMTU1MDAxMTgEc2VjA2Fuc19ub3QEc2xrA3N1YmplY3Q-;_ylv=3?qid=20080103191053AAwAMsC
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The actual post is here, but I'm C&Ping it in order to preserve its manic "brilliance" in case the Y!A team takes it down for not being a real question. I know most Christians are not like this, but... well, see for yourself.

Christian ranting and frothing at the mouth )

... I especially love the bit where she tried to make everyone's computers go asplody. >.<...
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I spent about an hour at [ profile] eastpath's place, which is just down the hall from my own apartment. She gave me some yummy Earl Grey tea and we chatted about as well as two brain-dead folks can. For different reasons, neither of us has a lot of mental acuity at the moment. :-) We had a pretty good time regardless, or at least I did; she showed me some perfectly gorgeous photos of her time in Vancouver, and I left her with a book that I've just finished reading and thought she might like.

I've just finished having dinner, which turned out to be unspectacular: reheated macaroni with five cheese tomato sauce, mixed veggies, ground beef, and Parmasan cheese. Bleh. I was thinking of making fried ham and eggs, but couldn't get up the enthusiasm to output THAT much energy.

The mouth ulcer is almost completely gone. Joy, oh what joy is mine.

Speaking of joy... every so often, Yahoo!Answers serves up a complete idiot, steaming hot. This is a prime example. Either the person in question is really bad at expressing themselves, or they're a total nutter. Guess which option I'm betting on?

Yes, uncharitable of me, I know, but I'm feeling pissy today. The sight of someone who's coping with life a lot less well than I am is a form of cold comfort.

I think I'll make some more tea.
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I've just put some altar photos up on the Winnipeg Full Moon Group LiveJournal, as well as a description of the workings we did last month:

Also, it's Pagan Friday over on Yahoo!Answers, which basically means that the Pagans have gotten together and decided to spend the day/evening asking polite, thoughtful, and insightful questions about our faith. There's been a rash of Pagan accounts deleted recently, so we're trying to demonstate that a) we have just as much of a right to be there as any other faith, and b) that we're actually civilized human beings and nothing to be afraid of. (Pagan Friday actually started yesterday evening -- a bit early, lol, but it seems to be going well so far.)

Oh, and thanks to the results of the poll in my last LJ entry, I've decided that I'll continue to post LOLcat pictures (as someone pointed out, it IS my LJ to do as I please with) but I will put them behind a cut in future. This should satisfy everyone's preferences.

Like now, for instance... )
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One of the questions on Yahoo!Answers that makes me shake my head and sigh.

The trainwreck of answers that follows it boggles the mind.

Where do people GET some of this bullshit?
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This time over the use of the term High Priestess by someone who is neither Wiccan or Pagan... 

Post the First

Post the Second

My own ID is prairiecrow. 

*sighs, and pours a cup of tea*
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