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With a photo and everything.

EDITED TO ADD: There's a bigger and better color photo in the newspaper itself. And the article is at the top of the inside front page. Wahoo!
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Photos from Thursday night )

Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween, everyone! :-)
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On the whole I was very pleased with this article, and am happy to report that the photographer on the shoot was quite respectful and knew the proper names for the ritual tools, as well as being polite enough to ask us to move objects on the altar rather than rearranging them himself.

ETA the text of the article )
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Well, Samhain Ritual #1 is over. The last people just went home about an hour ago.


A very good rite, with many fond memories of the beloved dead shared and many negativities burned/banished in the cauldron. AND my beef roast (sirloin tip) turned out beautifully after being sprinkled with rosemary leaves. Thanks for the tip, [ profile] nightdog_barks!

We DID burn more flash paper than I anticipated, which means I'll have to make a stop downtown on Monday afternoon and pick up more. *sigh* It's damned expensive stuff, but essential for that particular portion of the rite since regular paper burns with too much smoke. I got some good pictures of the floor altar (I hope), and the ritual text didn't clunk TOO badly... heh. K's boyfriend J did a great turn at invoking the Horned God, considering that he's never played any ritual role before. And everybody brought wonderful, wonderful food... K brought chips & dip/cheese & crackers, R a lovely bean salad, A a delicious regular salad with many kinds of green leaves and oil dressing, LA some ginger-and-stevia carrots, [ profile] cockatiel_art a yummy fruit stew, and K and J two luscious pumpkin pies. Everybody went away well filled, and the offering bowls to the deities/dead were packed with goodies!

I am dead tired (pun possibly intended). Bedtime for crowdogs... I'll worry about packing the Ritual Carpetbag for Samhain Ritual #2 (at Holly's on Monday) tomorrow.
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I'm not sure how well last night's class went. We covered a lot of dry material in a very short time, going around the room with each person reading a paragraph... I'm always a bit paranoid about my research methods, and just hope that I was able to exercise correct judgement in the material I presented to the students. I admitted up front that these were very brief glimpses into the beliefs of various religions about the afterlife, and we got some good discussion going, but still... bleah. I'm just not feeling rather "off" both emotionally and physically, which always makes me nervous and uncertain. Hopefully the "active" portion of my lesson, the ritual on Monday, will go much better.

An unexpected bonus: I received the students' financial contributions for the evening, which went a fair ways toward covering the photocopy costs for the class material. $5 went to buying some Kyphi incense from Holly... mmm, how lovely and sweet it smells! This gives me plenty to burn for both Samhain rituals (on Saturday and Monday).

Received a LOVELY Goddess pendant in the mail from [ profile] beckyh2112 yesterday:

Image hosted by

It's on a long black leather cord which will put it at the perfect level to be worn just below the "clergy" pentacle I recently purchased, on ritual occasions. Now I just have to find something equally nice as a return gift. No doubt Radiance will have something suitable... I took notes last night, Becca, so I'll do my best to find something you'll like. :-)

I'll have to find someplace to get photocopies done tomorrow for the ritual that evening. Our local copy centre will be closed, which will probably have me making a trip downtown to Staples to get the copies run off. Grrr. Add that to cleaning the house, picking up a beef roast and potatoes, and gathering the tools and material for the altar, and I'll have a VERY busy day.

I'm starting to worry about my appointment with Dr. S on Monday. What will he say about me going back to Ipsos-Reid? Dr. Enn suggested some adjustment on my medication load, so I expect Dr. S will probably want to have me off for at least a couple more weeks to see it kick in, but still... I'm nervous about going back, and nervous about NOT going back. I'm not sure I'm strong enough internally to take the stress of a regular working day (even though on Tuesday, I was actually able to think about it without fear, and even to look forward to the prospect of going back). On the other hand, I hate being on sick leave. *sigh*

Not sure what I'll be doing this evening -- probably a little cleaning, probably a little work on our next studio project, Joe In The Future (for Heavy Metal Magazine), probably a little bit of AIM chat. I also have to send off a couple of invoices to NBM Papercutz, including figuring out a possible invoicing error where we failed to bill them for a couple of covers. Right now I don't feel very capable of dealing with complex situations, but I'll have to give it my best shot.
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Yes, I know I already posted a version of this ritual -- but I just reworked it based on some new material I've come across, and this is the version I'll actually be running. I've decided to leave the other version up because it's also workable, and has a slightly different emphasis.

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Comments welcome, as always.

The ritual, redux )
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