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I spent about an hour at [ profile] eastpath's place, which is just down the hall from my own apartment. She gave me some yummy Earl Grey tea and we chatted about as well as two brain-dead folks can. For different reasons, neither of us has a lot of mental acuity at the moment. :-) We had a pretty good time regardless, or at least I did; she showed me some perfectly gorgeous photos of her time in Vancouver, and I left her with a book that I've just finished reading and thought she might like.

I've just finished having dinner, which turned out to be unspectacular: reheated macaroni with five cheese tomato sauce, mixed veggies, ground beef, and Parmasan cheese. Bleh. I was thinking of making fried ham and eggs, but couldn't get up the enthusiasm to output THAT much energy.

The mouth ulcer is almost completely gone. Joy, oh what joy is mine.

Speaking of joy... every so often, Yahoo!Answers serves up a complete idiot, steaming hot. This is a prime example. Either the person in question is really bad at expressing themselves, or they're a total nutter. Guess which option I'm betting on?

Yes, uncharitable of me, I know, but I'm feeling pissy today. The sight of someone who's coping with life a lot less well than I am is a form of cold comfort.

I think I'll make some more tea.
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It has nothing to do with the content of this post. It's just really pretty.

I slept pretty much all day yesterday, and today until 1:30 pm. The mouth ulcer has decreased significantly in size and the swelling is almost gone; I'll keep taking Aspirin at four hour intervals today. My sinuses and throat feel quite a bit better as well. I'll still have to get myself checked out by my doctor -- you can't take chances with anything when you're a diabetic -- but for the moment things are on the upswing.

I'll have to have a shower at some point, because I feel really grimy. :-P That's what comes from lying in bed for the better part of 36 hours. Meh.

I did cover my unwashed hair in a toque long enough to go out and get some canned milk this afternoon. Fortunately a HB cheque is coming on Monday, so I'll be able to do some serious grocery shopping then.

Oh, and my period has started. Hooray.

Time to start working, with Freakshow (a really bad horror movie from 1989) playing on the Drive-In Classics channel. *insert a perky song about cheese here* I might have tea with [ profile] eastpath a bit later this evening. We'll see how it goes.
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Shortly after making my last LJ entry I caved in and went back to bed, where I slept like the dead until about ten minutes ago. I'm going to have some Mr. Noodles chicken soup with veggies added and some orange Crystal Light. Then I'm going to go back to bed and let the two Aspirin that I just took work on whatever's ailing me.

The ulcer seems to have gone down in size and the swelling is reduced. I'll put some more hydrogen peroxide on it as well before lying down again.

I'm pretty sure it's not a canker sore, although it looks exactly like one -- canker sores tend to be really painful little buggers, and this one isn't even tingling. That leaves a range of possibilities that run from cancer right through to syphilis. Oh, frabjous day.

Right. Eat soup, do peroxide, go night-night. Sounds like a plan to me.

Catch y'all on the flip side.
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Cut because some people on my Friends List probably DON'T want to read about a mouth ulcer )

Please, dear Gods, don't let this be an indication of a systemic infection. I can't AFFORD to get sick right now. And my regular doctor is on vacation until January 2nd, so if things get bad I'll have to go into Urgent Care at the Misericordia, and if things get THAT bad I won't be up to taking a bus, so I'll have to ask Terri if she can give me a lift since we don't have enough money for a cab. :-(

I might have to go into Urgent Care in any case, since mouth ulcers in a diabetic can be very tricky things and they say you should not try to treat them yourself.

I'm going to see what it looks like tomorrow and make a call then, unless things go seriously pear-shaped today.
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