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But first... I has a pretty new icon! *points*

Last night I had a strange but satisfying dream. In the dream, George and I were holding a party in our old apartment, and I was sitting with some friends in the living room, which had a fireplace that had once been real but which had been converted to contain an electric heater. In the middle of our conversation, who should show up but Micawber, our old cat who died a few years ago.


Apparently he came out of the fireplace, although I didn't see him arrive. There was a cat treat, wrapped in foil, lying on a nearby table, so I unwrapped it and offered it to him. He nommed it right up and let me pet him, looking up at me with his eyes half-closed. I knew he was dead - his fur on his back was rumpled and dry -- but he was alive enough to enjoy the cat treat and the caresses, so I counted myself lucky.

A moment later the fireplace had somehow grown to include a cavernous upper space, and down from that space came a girl, perhaps 14 years old, her pale face framed in long waves of white-gold hair, her slender body sheathed in a white robe. She picked Micawber up and started to take him into the chimney. I asked her if Micawber belonged to her now; she answered yes, and disappeared up into the darkness. (When I told George about the dream this afternoon, he remarked that she'd come to take Micawber back to Ghost Land. Perhaps he's right.)

I don't know why I dreamed about him, but I was very glad to see him. I still love him lots.

Aaaaand of course, there's dragons:

Adopt one today! / Adopt one today! / Adopt one today! / Adopt one today! / Adopt one today! / Adopt one today! / Adopt one today!

My scroll with all the dragons you've helped to grow up big and strong.

Thanks for giving them tickles, pokes, and clicks.

Back to work.
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In the aftermath of Misty Gardens, a healing poem and prayer for my dearest Micawber, who was cremated at Misty Gardens back in 2004... and to some extent for all the animals who have been mishandled and mistreated...

Our beloved Micawber,
Our "big boy",
Our sweet one,
We sent you on a journey to a land free from pain,
Not because we did not love you,
But because we loved you too much to force you to stay.

And we know that no matter where
Your little body ended up,
No matter what became of it after our last tearful hug,
No matter where your ashes fell,
That your bright spirit remained with us
And that you knew (and know still)
How very much you were loved.

Let justice fall like a hammer upon those
Who treated you without respect or dignity.
We will see to that.
But for now I think of you,
Of your shining eyes, of your happiness under my hand,
And I smile at the memory.
Nothing will dim that delight;
For it has been said that evil shall have no dominion
Where love endures.

So rest in peace, dear friend, until we meet again.
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I just rediscovered the Geocities page I created shortly after Micawber died.

*sigh* He was such a good boy. And big!

What put me in mind of him is that I recently downloaded some tracks from Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of "The War of the Worlds", which features narration by Richard Burton -- and George and I agreed that if there was ever a human equivalent to Micawber, it was Richard Burton.

A truly freaky comparison under the cut... no, seriously, it's FREAKY )
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I got this roll developed just recently, even though it was shot in the year 2000, and couldn't believe what a treasure trove it was.

Cuteness and conventions ahoy! )
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Every thought feels like it's soaked in vinegar. Every breath is like breathing sand. Everything I touch seems wrong.

Guess I just have to accept that this is how I feel right now (DBT skill: Radical Acceptance) and not make it worse by beating myself up over it (DBT skill: Non-Judgemental Stance).

But I did get some walking in today, plus twenty sit-ups. I'm feeling sort of proud that I managed to do anything at all. That, and rented a whole whack o' movies, including the last two Matrix films, some anime titles (Armitage III, Doomed Megalopolis and Project A-ko, the last two real blasts from my past), and a documentary about what life on Earth might be like 200 million years from now.

Tomorrow -- laundry. I'm so far behind I have to start gathering energy for it now.

Three other things that are stressing me out and making me sad/gnash my teeth )

Okay, off to do some Hardy Boys flats. Or at least the best that I can.

EDITTED TO ADD: Another thing to rejoice over -- I just found out that your average cake donut has, count 'em, 30 CARBS. Per donut.

*whimpers like a little baby puppy, and looks longingly and hopelessly at the box of donuts I picked up for George on the way home*
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