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There's a good discussion about psychiatry going on over at [ profile] dot_pagan_snark. You have to be a member to read it, but the community is worth joining -- much good snark about, well, Pagan topics. Screamingly funny on occasion, as well as dismaying: some of teh stupid, it is very dramatic.

I've also started hanging around the GAFF forums again. Yeah, I know, I washed my hands of them several months back, but decided to check them out again. The number of trolls seems to have dropped off significantly and I've been putting them on my ignored users list as they crop up... well, the ones who aren't genuinely entertaining, that is. New memberships to GAFF are stalled at the moment because the Site Guru is out of the country, but hopefully he/she will be back soon. Again, hilarious and frightening content.

I'm just about on target for my production quota today, considering that I have to leave at about 4:15 pm. Back to work.
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I've stuck with the Godawful Fan Fiction forums

since they were resurrected (again) a few months ago, but today I'm throwing in the towel. It used to be a place where intelligent and witty people gathered; now it seems to be populated mostly by trolls and assholes. The Gabbery in particular is full of manure, and the quality of the snark has gone into the toilet as well. I'm tired of wading through the bullshit to find the posts, and the people, that I value.

I was slapped in the face by one particular troll/asshole about a month ago, and the bad temper it's put me into hasn't abated. I'm taking that as a sign. So fare ye well, GAFF -- it's not likely you'll be seeing my face anymore.
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I just spent all but a few hours of the last two days in bed. Sleep? I soaked it up like a sponge.

Most of my awake time yesterday was spent doing one of three things:

1) Drinking coffee.

2) Vomitting up the coffee.

3) Watching Bug, a 1975 thriller about fire-spitting mutant cockroaches.

The vomitting was probably caused by the Metformin I'd taken a couple of hours earlier on an empty stomach, something I'd never tried before. It could also have something to do with my period, which is still causing me grief, but my money would be on the medication if I had to place a bet.

I managed to hold down some perogies and a beef pattie sandwich, which is good because if I couldn't it would have been off to the hospital for me (diabetics can't go without food for more than... I'm not sure how long, but over 16 hours would have been definitely not-good). Then it was back to bed, where I slept solidly up until about an hour and a half ago.

I'm still not sure what I'm going to do this evening. The G4 is once more crashing at the drop of a hat, and George needs to work on the iMac, so killing time by surfing the internet is probably not an option.

*sigh* I should probably at least have a shower.

EDITED TO ADD: If you're in the mood to see someone shoot themselves repeatedly in the foot with an elephant gun, check out this thread on GAFF. Stuff to make you go "huh?" indeed.
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It's worth joining GAFF just to read the following snark:

Seriously, do it. Read. Be amazed/appalled/whatever.

What DID I do during all those months when GAFF was down?
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What... I actually have to pry myself out of the apartment and go get groceries? >.< Bugger.

I'm at a point where my energy levels are up and I feel a bit more hopeful about life, but I still cringe at the thought of leaving the safety of these walls and walking a couple of blocks to the grocery store. I suppose it's a mild form of agoraphobia. I know the walk will be good for me physically as well as psychologically, but I remain afraid of actually doing it.

On the other hand, I could look at the background image at [ profile] neo_ex_machina forever.

Mmmmm, Keanu and Hugo... :-)~~~~

*sigh* Guess I'll go get cleaned up and put some clothes on. Sometimes the only way I can get things done is to take it one very simple step at a time. First, get the water running in the bathroom sink...

ETA: On a very positive note, the Site Guru over on GAFF actually moved my "Hi! I'm New!" thread from the broken-and-locked Gabbery forum to the Gabbery II forum. This is amazing to me, in part because s/he took the time to do so, and in part because s/he specifically said that s/he would NOT be moving any threads for fear of crashing the entire site. It appears to be the only thread moved from Gabbery to Gabbery II... wow. I'm honored that s/he thought it important enough to take the risk.

Color me both pleased and impressed.
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Well, not so okay, but at least partway back.

I'm in such internal turmoil that it's hard to put words to what I'm feeling. Suffice to say that on the first work-free day I've had in quite a while, I want to write but cannot; want to RP but cannot; want to do research, but cannot; want to put together notes for the class I'm teaching on the 20th, but cannot. Not because of anything external preventing me, but because my mind just won't sit still.

Spent the entire day in bed. Got up because the distress was too acute. Just took a tranquillizer, and we'll see what that does.

I hate, hate, HATE this feeling of having a little bit of energy and being able to do nothing constructive with it except suffer.

Thank you to all my online friends who offered words of encouragement (and phone numbers that I almost took advantage of). It's just so disheartening to get a taste of what "normal" life and energy levels must be like, only to have it come crashing down. Your support means everything to me at a time like this.

The rancid cherry on the sundae is the lockdown of the Gabbery over on GAFF. According to the Site Guru, a database error has rendered it unreadable -- however, folks can still access posts and read entries. I did make a web archive of the "Hi! I'm New!" thread and the Avatar Adoption Society thread, just in case the SG decides to wipe the forum's contents and start over again.

Right now I'm wondering if I'll be able to host the Full Moon ritual next Tuesday. Unless I'm feeling much better by then, I might have to cancel.
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Online Lite Brite!!!

How cool is that? Make virtual Lite Brite pictures and take screen shots to save your pictures.

*grins with fond nostalgia... thanks, Conductor37, for making my day a lot happier. (Link leads to a very neat thread on favorite childhood toys, which is worth checking out all by itself.)
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