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Terri picked me up at 6:30 pm and we went for dinner at the Pancake House (awful coffee and awful service, bad enough to make us reconsider EVER going back). On the way out to her car, I checked the mail -- and found a cheque from DC Comics for $177. For Albion British royalties on reprints. I've seldom been so happy to see a piece of paper.

After dinner Terri took me to Safeway so I could do some grocery shopping. "Some" turned out to be a full cartload, but now George and I set for the next several days, except for bread (which I, being a bread snob, insist on having as fresh as possible). We can concentrate on work, which is SUCH a relief. Terri, if you're reading this, thanks again for your generosity in terms of your car and your time. :-)

Tomorrow night is the Full Moon Group outer court ritual, so the day as a whole is shot: I'll be busy tidying the place up and cleaning the bathroom, since we've let housekeeping slide completely over the last week or so. I still don't have a rite in mind, although since tomorrow night will be a waxing moon heading toward a full lunar eclipse, I'm considering having the people in circle talk about an experience where they went into darkness but emerged with wisdom, experience, profit, or something else positive.

I posted a question about Mina on Yahoo!Answers in the Cats section. A couple of responders have suggested that she might have feline herpes, which she might have picked up in her mother's womb and which may have lain dormant all this time. I'm going to stick with my see-how-she-is-in-a-week plan, and if she's still sniffly next Friday I'll call Dr. M back and float the herpes boat to see if he salutes.

If it is herpes, what compromised her system enough to let it flare up? I suspect that it might be the fact that I've been feeding her senior cat formula hard food for the last several weeks, as opposed to her regular adult formula hard food. But she's back on her regular food now, so well, we'll just have to see. Feline herpes isn't contagious to humans but is HIGHLY contagious between cats, so if Mina has it, Emmie has it too, and just isn't manifesting it. *sigh* Another bridge to be crossed at a future point.

Back to flatting MM.
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... the apartment is cleaned up, the altar is set up, and I'm bushed.

I've taken a couple of Aspirin, which hopefully will quiet the groaning in my back.

Let the guests arrive!
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We had a really pretty altar this time around. :-)

The four tall candles (beeswax, black, blue, and purple) were for a spell of clarity and moving on while letting go of what we need to let go of in order to move forward in our lives. The bracelets were charged with waxing moon energy (energy of increase); the cords wound around them were color coordinated to match the traits that we wanted to improve in our lives. The little cat statue was charged with healing/helping energy for stray cats everywhere. The purple Goddess necklace was a gift presented to my mother in-circle to welcome her to the Wiccan path, and the mangano calcite was charged to help me feel better when I am depressed (the bell next to it was rung three times in order to cleanse it). The incenses in the little containers are ground frankincense and red cedar.

April Full Moon pictures behind the cut )
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So -- cleaning the apartment up in preparation for the Full Moon get-together tonight. There will be eight people in circle (including my mother, who has taken a real interest in Wicca after attending her own healing ritual), and we'll be doing (so far) five workings:

1) An exchange of "offerings". Each person is bringing something -- a spell, a meditation, a short article on making ritual bath salts, etc -- which they will read aloud in circle for the group. Each person is also bringing enough copies of their "offering" so that at the end of the evening, each person will go home with a complete set of everyone's contributions.

2) A spell to send positive energy out to a group member who can't be with us tonight, to energize her and help her stay focussed.

3) A healing spell for a friend of my mother's, who I spoke with this morning and who has given her permission for us to do a working for her, even though she's a Christian (as she put it, "I'll take all the prayers I can get!").

4) A spell for a lady who just found out about our group and can't be with us tonight, but would like some positive energy sent out to her Pagan daughter as well as to herself, for help in exploring the Pagan path.

5) The Spell for Truth that I posted to this very LiveJournal a couple of days ago.

Whew! That's one full evening! I'd like to fit in a spell for myself as well -- my energy levels are really low, and I could use a witches ladder to help me out -- but I'll have to see how everyone feels.

Oh, and someone wants to consecrate some ritual tools tonight as well.

Wish me (and us) luck!

*goes back to cleaning*
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First, a cool link:

Angry Alien Productions, featuring "The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre". Film classics (and not-so-classics) acted out by bunnies in half a minute. Purely hilarious stuff.

And now, on to Hardy Boys. No local AD&D game this weekend from the look of things, so I'll have all of what's left of the weekend to work.

... oh, hell. I've got a Full Moon ritual on Tuesday, and still have to work out the details of the rite (not to mention cleaning up the place). Insert sweatdrop here.
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The photos from and around the time of K's belly blessing ritual that I just got developed...

Warning! Lots of pictures! )
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On Monday, my psychiatrist prescribed another drug to add to the cocktail I'm already taking -- Cytomel, a thyroid medication which sometimes helps antidepressants work better. My last set of bloodwork came back normal for thyroid function, though my liver readings were a bit up (not unusual in someone on as many medications as I am) and my red blood cells are apparently on the small side. Not something to be immediately concerned about, though an iron supplement might help.

Also on Monday, the first class in a ten-week bellydancing course I'm taking through Winnipeg Parks and Recreation. Whew! Let's just say it wasn't easy. We learned the starting position and some warm-up exercises, and that was about it; I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Still plugging away at Hardy Boys.

Went out today and paid our Hydro bill. I've noticed something new: that I'm noticing how other people are adorning themselves, and starting to want to adorn myself as well -- to buy jewellery and pretty clothes. I'm not sure where this is coming from yet...

And when I got back home, I found a cheque in our mailbox for $610 from Manitoba Health, apparently having to do with my reaching my Pharmacare deductable. Totally unexpected, and very grin-worthy.

Coming up this weekend: the Full Moon ritual. If things keep going well, I should have plenty of Hardy Boys under my belt and be in good shape for it.
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Number of Hardy Boys pages I painted today, from true-color flats prepared over the last couple of days:



And I might get a few more finished before I go to bed tonight.

Tomorrow's prosperity spell )