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What a hectic weekend. I'm glad it's over. Now I can concentrate on MM for the next few days.

The glucosamine seems to be working on Emmie's joints already. Her limp is significantly reduced.

In other medical matters... I filled out an online form for a coupon for a free Accu-Chek Compact Plus blood glucose meter. The test strips come in drums of 17, which eliminates the task of loading a new strip for each test. And they're only a couple of dollars more expensive per 100 strips than the strips for my current meter.

In half an hour I'm off to have coffee with an old friend that I reconnected with at KeyCon. Along the way I'll pick up some library books I have reserved, and after coffee I'll probably go to King Pie in Portage Place and pick up a couple of their delicious baked goods for dinner.
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Some highlights.

1) Well, thanks to [ profile] eastpath I now know what happened on the bridge yesterday. A garbage truck caught fire. There's a video included in the link.

2) On my way to the Hydro building to pay our bill, I came across a huge crowd of people in the little square in the middle of the City Hall complex. They were watching -- I kid you not -- a group of folk-dancing policemen. Man, were those feet flying! Video:

3) The mobile vet came, examined our cats, and ate some raspberry jelly roll with a cup of coffee. Mina is healthy as a horse, but 2 pounds overweight; he detected some wheezing in her breathing and advised us to cut down on her food, which we'll be doing immediately. He also gave her her shots.

Emmie is healthy overall for her age (13), but her right shoulder is arthritic, as is her lower back. Poor baby! She was in moderate pain when the vet rotated her shoulder, and he estimates that her pain under normal circumstances is probably slight. He gave us some glucosamine capsules, which include an additional element whose name I can't quite remember, and told us to give her the contents of one capsule once a day in wet food. She also has a spot of gum disease at the base of her upper left canine, so we'll have to pick up a kitty toothbrush and some toothpaste for her. He didn't give Emmie any shots because of her age; our main concern, distemper, is apparently something that cats develop an immunity to as they get older.

When we told him that we'd been told by the Corydon Animal Hospital vet that Mina has incipient cataracts, he had us catch her again so that he could examine her eyes. In his opinion, they're perfectly fine. Hopefully he's correct in guessing that someone had an "overactive imagination" when making the previous diagnosis.

4) George and I just finished having dinner, so now I'm going to jump back on the MM project and lay color guides onto as many pages as I can (the final step before recreating the color). I hope to get them all done this evening.
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Oh, Emmie Emmie Emmie...

We had roast chickens for the feast this evening, and only one of them was eaten -- picked down to the bone except for the wings, which nobody seemed to want. So I put the second whole chicken in the fridge and sat down to do some Internet stuff, leaving the pan with the wings on the stove.

A few minutes ago I got up to get a drink and found our cat Emmie crouched at the entrance to the kitchen, chewing on something. When she saw me coming she scampered away, and on the floor I saw an object that I did not at first recognize because you never expect to see it on the floor.

That's right. One chicken wing, with attached shoulder bones, partly gnawed.

I put it and the rest of the chicken carcass in the garbage can at once, but not before showing the nibbled wing to George, who rolled his eyes and sighed.

Emmie is still licking her lips. Mmmmm, chicken grease.
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Truly, the best toy in the world is an empty printer box.

Pics of Emmie and Mina behind the cut )

Much one-cat-in-the-box-while-the-other-cat-stalked-and-pounced ensued. :-)
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Last night was the final wedding rehearsal for [ profile] diamond_lies and her fiance. Both families were present so that we were able to do a full runthrough with their participation. Just before Robin and I left, [ profile] diamond_lies gave us each a gift -- for Robin a beautiful handmade blank book, and for me a soapstone tealight holder and essential oil diffuser with a pentacle theme. :-)

Thanks to [ profile] eastpath, I had most of my parts memorized. Almost. I'll have to put in some time tonight getting them letter-perfect.

Fast forward to this morning, while George and I were having coffee on our new couch.

Picture of new couch behind the cut )

Emmie, lying between us, suddenly saw something move on the other side of the window -- perhaps a dragonfly, perhaps a leaf. At any rate, she suddenly took a flying leap at it. BANG! Her paws hit the window frame, but whatever it was had vanished.

She continued to watch the window avidly, and in the end I took pity on her for not catching what she wanted and broke open a tin of sardines for her and Mina. Well, actually just for Emmie, because Mina, as it turns out, doesn't know how to eat fish. She licked it for a couple of minutes and then abandoned it. Compare that to Emmie, who wolfed her sardine down and then went looking for more... *sigh*

About an hour after that I went out grocery shopping. $110 dollars later, our pantry is much more full.

I am currently doing laundry. Yeah, fun times all around. I have an evening full of memorization ahead of me, so wish me luck.
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Time for a LOLcats post...

Images behind the cut )
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I just used the LOLcat image builder at to upload an image of Emmie and create my first original LOLcat picture:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I made a couple of others as well with images that they already had.

We'll see if any of them make it onto the the Voting Page!
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Because I just downloaded a bunch of photos from our camera.

Cats, an altar, and my mother )

Whew... I just got an email from the HB editor, asking when the issue would be done.


No Easter dinner in Selkirk for me, then.

Oh, and another photo that popped up in old posts to my Photobucket account...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Just because pink!Darth Maul is so, so utterly wrong.
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I did end up getting out yesterday to deposit a cheque and pay a bit on our phone bill. Afterwards George met me at the post office at the local PharmaPlus drug mart and we picked up the iMac we bought on eBay for Lee. An hour's wait for a cab later, we actually got the damned thing home -- and upon cutting open the brown cardboard box discovered an iMac... and nothing else. No keyboard. No mouse. No discs of any kind.

Checked the auction. Well, damn -- the iMac IS all that was promised. >.< *beats head against nearest wall* Boy, did George and I feel like the biggest lunkheads in the universe...

So we cannibalized the power cord, keyboard, and mouse from the G4 and fired up the iMac, which, as it turns out, is in perfect working order and came with Mac OS 10.3 installed. Woot! It's not too big a deal to pick up a power cord/keyboard/mouse elsewhere, so in a few days Lee should have a wonderful little iMac package ready for delivery. Such a pretty little machine, too...

While I was in Osborne Village paying the phone bill I also rented two more DVDs, from the Educational Archives series -- one on Sex & Drugs, the other on Religion. Absolutely hysterical material, and highly recommended.

And then there's today... *sigh*. Yesterday evening I almost had George take me to the hospital, I felt that close to hurting myself badly. Today a ray of light shone down into that inner darkness and I actually WANTED to get out and do things. This consisted of walking four blocks to the bus stop, catching a bus to the Health Sciences Centre, attending an appointment at their Diabetes Education Centre, and coming home again. Two good things happened while I was there: first, the nurse gave me 20 free testing strips (usually they cost about a buck a pop), and second, I got weighed and found out I've dropped about 13 pounds. YES! The bad news: the nurse did a spot test of my blood sugar (fasting for 14 hours) and found it at 9.2. Gah. MUCH too high, but then again, I haven't been keeping up with my diet and exercise since I've been so depressed.

On the Emmie front, she gobbled up the soft cat food with a couple of drops of anti-inflammatory medicine in it, and kept it down. Go, Emmie!

Coming up this weekend: movie night with Corey and [ profile] cockatiel_art tomorrow evening, followed by Jeff's game on Sunday night, then an appointment with my psychiatrist on Monday. George will be coming with me to see the psych doc, to lend support as I talk to him about whether I really AM at the end of the road in terms of medication options. But that's not really the weekend, is it? ;-)

Let's just get through the next two-and-a-bit days first.
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Nine pages of Hardy Boys fully finished, that is. On to laying flats until I get too tired to see straight.

Oh, and made an entry about Emmie on the [ profile] kittypix LJ community, here:
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If I could ask my cat Emmie one question...

Image hosted by

... it would be this: "Why, oh why do you always get one -- and only ONE -- piece of cat kibble in your water, every single time I change it?"

*shakes head*

Working on Hardy Boys and listening to a TLC special about a baby with two heads on the studio TV. Interesting stuff indeed.
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