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Well, now I've seen everything.

The cat in question is just fine and has been adopted into a loving home, but still, this took a special blend of stupid, ignorant, mean, and insane.
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Sea Animals Trained To Battle Terrorists.

An excerpt:

SAN FRANCISCO -- A Navy seal -- actually a sea lion -- took less than a minute to find a fake mine under a pier near AT&T Park.

A dolphin quickly located a terrorist lurking in the black water before another sea lion, using a device carried in its mouth, cuffed the pretend saboteur's ankle so authorities could reel him in.

The specially trained Navy Marine Mammals, based in San Diego, stole the show in a day of anti-terrorism training exercises held at ports throughout California.

... nope, I got nothin'.

Have a funny cat link. Wow, I didn't know they made bilndfolds for kitties...

And dragons!

Adopt one today! / Adopt one today! / Adopt one today! / Adopt one today!
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Or rather, a day of strange cat sleeping positions in our household.

Mina and Emmie behind the cut )
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Courtesy of [ profile] alu_chan... Totally adorable! A must-see!

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I haven't updated in a couple of days because I've been run-off-my-feet busy. Here's the summary.


Went to the Second Cup coffee shop for a meeting with a potential Full Moon Group outer court member. She never materialized. Ah, well.

Came home long enough to get changed before heading out to the Red River Ex. Went downtown at 4:45 pm to Portage Place, where I picked up cheap drinks at A Buck or Two and had dinner at King Pie before meeting [ profile] cockatiel_art. The Ex had dedicated feeder buses running through downtown every 20 minutes, so we went outside to wait for one. As we were waiting, a creepy guy tried to pick [ profile] cockatiel_art up. Ewwwwww! (To my shame, I did not tell him to fuck off right away. I felt that [ profile] cockatiel_art was in charge of the situation. But if he'd laid a hand on her, I would have been in his face with my best Wen-Do voice telling him to BACK OFF!!!!.)

Because of El Creepo, we caught a non-feeder bus down to Polo Park, where Robin and her family were waiting for us. While we were there and waiting for a non-packed-to-the-gills feeder, [ profile] cockatiel_art mentioned that she'd found a cell phone in the roadway in front of St. Vital Centre, about to be run over by a car, and had snatched it up before it could be destroyed. I asked to see it and, seeing that it was down to its last bar of power, started busily pushing buttons in an attempt to get in touch with someone on the phone's contact list. The guy I eventually got was the boyfriend of the girl who had lost the phone, and it turned out that SHE works at the same Starbucks as [ profile] eastpath. OMFG, this city is too freaking small... we made arrangements for her to come by on Saturday to pick it up from my place.

Three feeder buses went by, all stuffed absolutely full. We decided that if we couldn't get a bus out to the Ex by 7:30 pm we'd go to the Forks and have dinner instead. Just then a Not In Service bus pulled up and the driver leaned out and announced that even though he was off-duty he was going to the Ex and taking anyone who wanted to go. Score! We rode in relative comfort and arrived at the Ex grounds at around 7 pm.

Over the next few hours, we:

-- Went to the vendors tent, where I picked up a nice summer dress for $20 and got a henna tattoo for $10
-- Saw the butterfly exhibit, where you could go into a massive net tent with 30,000 butterflies. They were very social and liked to land on people, which was a wonderful thing indeed. I picked up a mounted tropical butterfly to take home.
-- Went down to the Midway and picked up ride tickets. Went on the Niagara Falls ride, which is basically a roller coaster with water. Got quite wet.
-- Had a corn dog, my one food indulgence for the evening.
-- Saw the Iams SuperDogs show with [ profile] cockatiel_art.
-- Wandered the Midway until we found Robin again. Went on the Tilt-A-Whirl, which I'd remembered as a baby ride. Brother, it is NOT.
-- Gave the last of my ride tickets to a young mother with a stroller who had kids on the Merry-Go-Round.
-- Left the Ex at around 11 pm, tired but happy.

We didn't see half of what there was to see, but we certainly saw enough. By the time it was over I was more than ready for a quiet apartment and a nice hot cup of tea.

Which brings us to...


Dragged myself out of bed at 11 am. As I was making coffee I heard repeated meowing sounds coming from the back fire escape. Curious, I opened the back door to see if I could see the cat in question -- and the cat in question ran right into my kitchen. It had been standing at the back door vocallizing repeatedly, for all the world as if it knew that I could (and would) help it.

It was a medium-haired tabby, matted and scrawny under its long coat. I put it in the bathroom and had an emergency consult with George. When I went down and talked to the building caretaker, she said that it didn't belong to anyone in the block but that it had been hanging around the building for several days; she suspected that someone was feeding it. Bugger. That meant that my choices were:

1) Put it back outside, which I wasn't about to do given its condition.
2) Take it down to the Winnipeg Humane Society, which aside from the cab fare would probably make me late for the ritual the Full Moon Group inner court was holding in the early afternoon.

In the end I went the WHS route. The cat was very friendly and allowed itself to be put into a cat carrier without much trouble. When I got it down to the WHS's new digs, which are actually much closer to me than their old facility, I found out that "it" was a "he", and his name is Harley (thank the Gods for ear tattoos and microchips). Apparently his listed owners don't live very far away from me, although the WHS staff wouldn't tell me their exact address. Given his condition, I suspect that they're idiots who probably abandoned him. There should be a special circle of Hell reserved for people like that, in my opinion.

$24 later I was back home and scarfing down a bowl of cereal. As I was scarfing, the girl whose cell phone [ profile] cockatiel_art had found came by to pick it up. She also brought a $25 Starbucks gift card as a "thank you" for getting the phone back to her. When I talked to [ profile] cockatiel_art later, she agreed to sell me her half of the card since there's nothing at Starbucks that interests her. Sweetness!

As soon as the cereal was in my belly I booted it out the door to M&M Meats to pick up some appetizers. (Their Oriental Party Pack, for the record, is superb.) Then down to Osborne Village, where I actually managed to catch the bus that I would have been taking to Robin's anyway if the cat hadn't dropped into my lap.

Then the solstice ritual. I can't share details, but it was powerful and satisfying, and as always it was good to see my inner court sisters.

And finally back home again, by now thoroughly exhausted. I'd bought two Oriental Party Packs, and now I cooked up the second one for a quick and easy dinner. I killed some time on the Internet and was in bed by 10 pm.

Today... my regular AD&D game. I really just want to chill around the house, but that's not going to happen.

Off to drink some coffee. Then I'll try to get some MM done before I have to head out at around 2:30.
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Yes, it's that time of month again -- short temper, general irritability, massive cravings for carbs and salt. I just yelled at Mina for meowing in the hallway for no apparent reason. The sound of George eating a chicken pot pie almost drove me to homicide. And a bowl of multigrain taco chips and salsa disappeared down my throat in remarkably short order a few minutes ago.

I think I'll take a couple of aspirin and drink some Diet Pepsi; hopefully the combination of ASA and caffeine will help. In the meantime, to make this post semi-worthwhile, another video from the Simon's Cat animator. I have NO idea how he got into our bedroom and videotaped Emmie's antics, but we've suffered similar abuse on many occasions.

EDITED TO ADD: The taco chips and salsa were just joined in my stomach by three quarters of a cup of no-sugar-added vanilla ice cream. Urg. Me satisfied... for the moment.
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From [ profile] angry_geologist, to be precise...

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First up, some really cute photos from :

Cats and chickens, oh my! )

And now the results of today's consultation:

Cut for medical details )

There are risks to the procedure. In some cases the sigmoidoscopy can provoke uncontrolled bleeding of the bowel, and in roughly 1 in 2000 cases the procedure actually perforates the bowel, which means an immediate trip to the nearest hospital (which is literally five minutes away from the clinic) and surgery to close the tear. Naturally this has made me somewhat nervous, but to a degree that I find surprising. Perhaps my emotional reaction is being amplified by the fact that the clinic that the doctor's office is part of is one where I used to go with my mother, and being there made me feel both sad and regretful.

Oh, and on the way home from the clinic I stopped at the Bay to pick up some Folgers coffee, since we are right out. It's a hard brand to find around here and I was glad to see it on the shelf. The bad news: it cost me $8.99 for one kilogram, and that hurt a lot more than the doctor's finger, although I was left with roughly the same feeling.

I'm not sure what I'll do with the rest of the day since I'm having a very hard time concentrating, but I'll try to get some work done regardless.
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This morning Terri and I went out for breakfast, and then she drove me to my mother's apartment complex, where we did the final walkthrough of her apartment with the building manager. Then I turned in the keys. It was one of the most solemn moments of my life to date.

I have now left that part of her completely behind. Another aspect of her death has unfolded.

On a totally different note...

Mystery cat takes regular bus to the shops.

Bus drivers have nicknamed a white cat Macavity after it has started using the No 331 several mornings a week.

The feline, which has a purple collar, gets onto the busy Walsall to Wolverhampton bus at the same stop most mornings - he then jumps off at the next stop 400m down the road, near a fish and chip shop.

Click the link for more info and pictures of the cat in question.

Who says evolution is a myth? If cats are riding buses, whatever's next?
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I had a crappy day today -- going to the clinic that I used to attend with my mother AND having blood drawn in the same afternoon -- although I did manage to get some essential phone calls done earlier. Oh, and I stopped at Salisbury House for dinner. Yay.

Tomorrow I have to go to my mother's place and finally wrap things up. This depresses me immensely.

On the other hand, George found links to two of the most adorable blogs, EVER.

The first one in particular had me squeeeeing at a time when I didn't think I had any squee left in me.
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No, seriously...

It's three-cat porn! )


If you looked, you have no one to blame but yourself.
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Reprinted from [ profile] crazyitperson's LJ, because it is just TOO funny:

"Meowww. Meowwwwww. Meowwwwwwwwww."

Maintenance men came into my home to tell me that I have a cat stuck in a wall. I said "Well, I haven't heard anything" and the annoying pitiful kitty meowing starts.

It turns out that a cat from the third floor of the apartment complex has fallen into the second floor above my room and now he's stuck in the workings. So they tore a hole into my ceiling and are currently feeding the kitten above cocktail weenies to get him out. The cat sounds like he's been abused and lonely and like Oliver Twist.

This is basically the situation:

Cat: Mrowwww. Merroooww. Merooowwworrroowww.
Maintenance Man 1: Come here, chingaso, get the fucking wiener!
Cat: Merrooww. Meoowwww. Meeoooowwwwwwrrewww.
Maintenance Man 2: Look, baby! Dancing weenie! Come eat the dancing weenie!
Cat: Meeoorrrroww. Mowwww. Meowww.
Maintenance Man 1: Fucking cats! Look, dummy, it's food!
Cat: Meowwww. Mrrrrowww. Meoowoowww.
Maintenance Man 2: Meeowww! Meeeee! Mroooo!

So I've got two guys in my apartment standing on my bed raining plaster like no tomorrow on my bedsheets. One is meowing to the cat while the other one is shouting curse words at it while waving weenies on toothpicks.

If I were the cat, I wouldn't want to come out too.


The actual post, if you want to comment on it:
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